Coming Soon to The Studio Theatre

Another anniversary has come and gone. Six Years Strong! Who would have thought it possible for one show to so capture the imagination and the laughter of audiences that it would go from a limited run to a six year phenominon! Thank you to all of you who have kept us so strong for so long.

We are often asked what is next on our agenda. There are come exciting plans afoot here at The Studio, not the least of which are our plans to add two new shows to the repetoire in 2003. No, we’re not closing down Six Women, but we will be adding new shows on new nights so stay tuned here for more announcements!

We are also starting a newsletter and our Onstage Club which will have advance notice of fabulous fun events for you, your friends and your family as well as ticket specials, sneak peaks, and special offers for our club members only! For all you early birds that want to sign up now, visit our contact us page and send your e-mail addess.

Thanks again for all your support and visit us again soon!

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